Who You Are

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Welcome Home. You’re in the Right Place if:

You have big dreams and want to live an abundant, love-filled, successful and soul-nourishing life…yet somehow that life feels just outside of your reach.

At The Highly Sensitive Badass, we have the tools and strategies to:

  • Take you from feeling overwhelmed by your environment and relationships to feeling connected and calm
  • Move from feeling frustrated by your inability to express who you truly are, hiding parts of  yourself from your friends and family, to living a genuine life as the real you
  • End the cycle of overwhelm and meltdown so you can sustain a kick-ass career, feel harmony in your relationships, and increase your self-esteem by quieting the voice that incessantly asks, “What is wrong with me?” so you can live a life and mission-based career you truly love

You’re a spiritual, highly sensitive, empathic woman who has a huge purpose and wants to make this world a better place.

On the outside, it might look like you’re high achieving and you’ve got it all together, but on the inside, you feel like you just can’t quite get your act together, leading you to wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” You often feel overwhelmed and ruled by your deep empathy and sensitivity, or on the contrary, you feel like you’ve had to shut this side of yourself down because it gets in the way of you leading the kind of life you desire to live. You feel that you can’t be your genuine self with those around you, perhaps hiding your spirituality for fear of losing friends and family, causing you to feel isolated and alone. You feel like your sensitivity is often a curse instead of a gift, and feel frustrated in multiple areas of your life because you can’t show up as your greatest self. You feel disconnected from your true purpose and it causes you deep pain to feel like you’re not sharing your highest purpose with the world.

Are You Struggling?

You struggle in relationships with others because you are so easily affected by their moods. You struggle with overwhelm in your life, often overcommitting and then melting down because you have too much going on and you feel like you can’t handle it. You have likely spent years feeling like something is wrong with you, or that you are different in some way, comparing yourself to other people and wondering why they can be so “out” in the world, maintain so many commitments and can just “go, go, go” while you need so much “downtime” and time to be alone. You wonder why other people don’t seem to feel as much or seem to care as deeply as you do. You enjoy really deep, meaningful conversations with people and possibly prefer the company of just a few, close friends instead of mingling and engaging in “chit-chat” at a party. You have a big purpose in the world and you just want to, “help people,” but you are living in fear of showing the “real you” to the world for fear of losing friends and family, or feeling judged.

You have so much light to shine and so many gifts to share with the world.

You experience moments where you feel truly connected to your purpose in life, joyful and alive. However, you frequently dissolve into meltdown or overwhelm and find it difficult to sustain momentum in your career and relationships.

If this sounds like you, welcome! You’re in the right place. I get it, because my story is your story. Since discovering that I’m highly sensitive, deeply empathic and intuitive, I’ve learned how to embrace all of who I am so I can show up as the most genuine version of myself without hiding, end the cycle of overwhelm so I can show up consistently in my career and relationships, create harmony in my interactions with the people in my life without letting their moods govern how I feel.

Your life doesn’t have to be a struggle. I am here to help you.

Want to talk about how you can take your life to the next level?  Let’s talk.

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This session is complimentary with no pressure, but it is for people who are serious about making themselves and their happiness a priority in their lives. Could one call change your life?  Click here to find out.

“Coaching with Cortney is nothing short of multiple eye-opening transformations. She has given me a language and framework to use in understanding…well…myself! Parts of me that I though I had to “get over” or work through, I now view as my superpowers, my gifts and know how to use these to my fullest potential! Cortney is infused with passion, kindness and fierce intention to empower your wholeness.”

— Sara Rogers, Feminine Empowerment Coach, www.sararogers.ca