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“You have helped me understand that it is okay to open that space (the dark space). When embracing it, I feel contented and free with less fear. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.” -Veronique

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself and that it’s ok to be a Sensitive Badass. I appreciate the tools I acquired in this wonderful group. The experience was invaluable and has forever changed my life. Thank you.” -Joy

“Thank you, Cortney, for creating this space for us to explore our inner strength and for creating an awesome sisterhood for highly sensitive women. This group has truly been a blessing to me. It has been great to meet so many women from across the world who all share a common trait and want to gain greater understanding about our gift of being highly sensitive. Having the ability each day to set an intention and a focus around a part of our gift that we need greater understanding of was really a blessing. The tools we practiced have definitely shifted things for me. Thank you!” -Sherrell

“It is a great feeling to know that you’re not alone and it was such a gift to be connected with so many likeminded souls. I truly benefited from learning and practicing tools for self care. This past year I became so drained and exhausted that I found it easier to hibernate and shut out a lot but realize I need to find that balance to fully engage more with the world around me. It’s hard to put into words because realizations keep unfolding since the day I joined the group. Thank you Cortney and group.” -Amy

“Thank you for creating a safe place and guidance to explore, experience, heal and thrive. Your loving care and attention shows how we should all treat ourselves, and your deep listening offers a sanctuary where no matter what is spoken is accepted and thus transmuted.” -Heather

“Cortney Chaite is the definitive expert on being a highly sensitive badass! Not only is she intimately aware of the unique gifts and challenges a highly sensitive woman faces, being an HSP herself, Cortney is able to hold space, support and teach how to access your inner badassery in a way that is immediately warm, accessible and knowledgeable. This goddess walks her walk and talks her talk! She is the real deal, a class act, and a funny goofball besides… As a highly sensitive woman myself, I have so appreciated her light, fun, and yet in-depth approach. Love this woman!!” 

— Charisse Sisou, High Priestess of Pleasure to Women Here to Change the World, ClaimYourFeminine.com

“Cortney helped me answer the most important question about positive change: HOW?! 

I knew I needed to cultivate self-love, self-respect, and self-care. I knew I needed to change habits and thoughts that were keeping me stuck. But exactly how — in a way that fits with the realities of modern life? Cortney seems to have a bottomless grab bag of practical, doable techniques to help me make changes I had been trying to make for years. 

She’s not afraid of challenging questions. She sticks with you while you struggle and keeps pulling out creative ways to embrace challenge. She treats you like you’re learning to treat yourself — with compassion. She helps you turn the desire for change into actions that make the change happen.”

— Deborah Eby, Highly Sensitive Badass Writer, go7steps.com

“Coaching with Cortney is nothing short of multiple eye-opening transformations. She has given me a language and framework to use in understanding…well…myself! Parts of me that I though I had to “get over” or work through, I now view as my superpowers, my gifts and know how to use these to my fullest potential! Cortney is infused with passion, kindness and fierce intention to empower your wholeness.”

— Sara Rogers, Feminine Empowerment Coach, www.sararogers.ca