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The Problem:
An HSP’s Secret Shame

Hey now, let me be clear: there is NO SHAME in being highly sensitive – quite the opposite! I believe it can be the source of your greatest power.

What I’m talking about is that, for most of us, the effects of our sensitivity are an internal struggle. Invisible to the outside world. To everyone else, things look pretty good. We have the external trappings of success. But our internal landscape? Well, it tells a very different story.

When I “came out of the closet” as an HSP, and revealed the challenges and self-doubt I had had, friends were shocked. They had no idea I’d been suffering. I was that good at putting on a façade – no surprise there; being as sensitive as I was to other peoples’ feelings, I made my own pain a secret so as not to disturb the people around me. And it worked… for them, anyway!

(Ha ha, not really. They were just getting half of me. I had so much more to offer…)

For me, on the inside, and for those closest to me – the people I most wanted to uplift and support! – it was exhausting. I was caught in a cycle of overstimulation and drained energy, sapping my strength and confidence, until I succumbed to a deep depression and seriously low self-esteem.

Sound familiar?


have SO been there! I’m ready to break the cycle!

Let’s go!

“I started [working with Cortney] because I was desperate. Depressed, overweight, lethargic, angry, unmotivated, lazy, self-loathing… I’d become pretty adept at hiding many of these things. Cortney was kind and compassionate.”

Here is what I gained: Strength of body and mind, energy, patience, kindness, new friendships, confidence, self-acceptance, clarity, drive, stamina and contentment. (Not in the stagnant, I’ll just hang in there kind of way; contentment in the I know I can do and handle pretty much anything kind of way).”

“Don’t get me wrong – my life isn’t all roses and rainbows. I still get sad and angry. But here is the difference – I am stronger, more confident, and more kind with myself and more prepared than I have been in many years to take the bad with the good and not let the bad take over the good. This is profound. My inner spark is burning more brightly than it has in many years. My husband is elated. My younger son is delighted. My adult son can hear it in my voice and is cheering me on.”

“Just two days ago my husband mentioned how nice it is to see me proud of myself and my new, better attitude these days. I jokingly said, ‘I’m a bad-ass.’ He got serious and replied, ‘I know! I dated a bad-ass and married a bad-ass. You’ve been missing for a while. It’s nice to have you back.’ Hell yeah!”

—Stephanie Sackett, Highly Sensitive Mama and Pre-School Admin Badass


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