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Decision Time:
Getting to Where You Want to Be

The Highly Sensitive Badass Program works holistically, nourishing your Body, Mind and Soul. Each of these areas needs nourishment; from the food we put into our bodies, to the environments we create for ourselves, to the people we surround ourselves with, to the thoughts that run through our heads. As you incorporate each new habit, you will see real, amazing changes, the same ones I’ve seen in my own life.

What happened when I incorporated all three areas? I now show up as the best version of myself, most of the time: loving, curious, creative, purposeful, driven and downright hilarious. Or so I like to think. 😉 (Hint: “Most of the time” is key – this is not an all-or-nothing process.)

I have shed the excuses and victimhood, the blaming and the shaming. I feel capable of tackling any challenge that comes my way. Instead of having a fit whenever I feel out of the flow, I’m riding the wave with excitement. I am happy on a regular basis, my relationship has taken a 180, I have a business that I adore, I’m the mom that I want to be and am totally unafraid to show the world who I am. I live a fully-expressed life and I am living my purpose.

Am I cured? No. I want to be really clear about this: I am still highly sensitive. I am still highly empathic. I will always be this way. There is no “cure” because there is no problem that needs to be fixed! The shift is internal and you simply need a new framework for understanding how you best operate.

So how did I do it? To put it as simply as I can:
I took back my power and took action.

Building the habits that feed my soul so much that I have enough room to be highly sensitive AND thrive, rather than be overwhelmed by the onslaught of stimulation, is a practice that continues to this day.

And now that I have mastered it, I am on fire to help other highly sensitive women do the same – in less time, with the guidance, support, and community they need to make it happen.

The only question you need ask yourself is: Am I worth it?

  • Am I worth living a fully expressed life?
  • Do my kids deserve a happy, fulfilled mother?
  • Does my partner deserve a lover who is her whole, amazing self?
  • Do I deserve to rock my business as my sensitive self?

The Highly Sensitive Badass Program connects all aspects of self-care to create unshakable confidence and stamina for the highly sensitive woman – taking you from “hot mess” to Highly Sensitive Badass™.

Because you are DONE holding back. You are here to be and do so much more.


I am worth it.

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